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My Life after Major Medical Surgery

This is a hard topic for me to give advice about but after thinking of it for several months I decided to write down what anyone will face while trying to cope with a major medical catastrophe.  I recently felt … Continue reading

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An India Dream

Not that I travel a lot and where this dream came from I have no idea.  I found myself in India and was walking through a crowd when I came across a young girl who looked at me with huge … Continue reading

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Wait a Minute

If the world was created in 7 days that means it too 168 hrs or 10080 minutes but to us it took millions of years to get here when I ask the Lord if he would make me rich beyond … Continue reading

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The East Pole

A novel by the Author on a Thanksgiving journey where anything and everything happens for a reason.  Details later to follow but just had to write down my thoughts on what popped into my head.  Hopefullly it will be in … Continue reading

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Hope Faith and Love

Hope is the meaning of life, Faith is the way we express our gratitude, Love is the binding force that puts people together

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