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Retire with Tax Free Income. How to guide

Something I never new but am now just understanding that I better prepare for my retirement since I am less than 10 years away from my sixty fifth birthday.  Wow how time flys by when your work like a dog … Continue reading

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My Life after Major Medical Surgery

This is a hard topic for me to give advice about but after thinking of it for several months I decided to write down what anyone will face while trying to cope with a major medical catastrophe.  I recently felt … Continue reading

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An India Dream

Not that I travel a lot and where this dream came from I have no idea.  I found myself in India and was walking through a crowd when I came across a young girl who looked at me with huge … Continue reading

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Christmas Opportunities from The Spirit Within and Above

This Holiday season was one where I will not be with my family and was thinking of what I should do with my time.  Lack of funds to travel will put a damp feeling in ones mind when they cannot … Continue reading

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Realizing the Path of to Heaven

In all my travels and exploits, which one day I will write a book about if not here, I have wondered and pondered of the reason for blessings.  Although we sometimes thinks of blessings as good things they can also … Continue reading

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Difference between Want and Have

There is a big difference between those that “want” and “have”.  those of us that want a job don’t have the opportunity get one!  Those of us the have a job don’t want it! So the moral of this proverb … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift from her Son!

Not trying to be greedy but sometime I wish I had the luck my mother has!! Well I was going to go to the casino the other night but decided that I should just give my mom a few hundred … Continue reading

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