Retire with Tax Free Income. How to guide

Something I never new but am now just understanding that I better prepare for my retirement since I am less than 10 years away from my sixty fifth birthday.  Wow how time flys by when your work like a dog and don’t smell the roses!!

I have always trusted that corporate America was wise and that 401K savings was the way to go.  Recently I was shocked to learn there was a better way and only the rich folk know!!  So I decided to look into it my self and realized I was wrong to trust my money to corporate America.  I have a partner with my money and I have to qualify to get it back out from its tax deferred setting.  I placed it in when the tax base was low but now that the tax base is higher I will pay more on my money than when it went in.  WOW.  Had I know I could save my money in a tax free investment and pull out money when I wanted to I would have chosen that route instead.

Want to know more?

go to

and see the videos to guide you and talk to the agent there if your interested in saving money or even if your looking to have a part time job doing it yourself.


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