An India Dream

Not that I travel a lot and where this dream came from I have no idea.  I found myself in India and was walking through a crowd when I came across a young girl who looked at me with huge deep dark eyes and left me with a sense that I knew her.  I walked up and asked her if I did but she just looked down to the ground and told me she was scared and was in need.  I offered to help and found she was a very prominent person who was famous for her beauty and was in hiding because she was one of the Kings daughters and a wicked old man who was employed by the King was trying to keep her for his own but because she was to do what he commanded.  She was afraid that she would not be allowed to do what she wanted and therefore took it upon herself to leave and hide.  This was not a story book story but I remember seeing her picture in a magazine that my sister had because she was in modeling and it was one that was shown time and time again because of the captured beauty that everyone enjoyed looking at including me! 

Being the person I was I decided to help and see what I could do to get her out of her country and into the States where she could grow and follow her career.  After several attempts I finally found a few individuals who would help me figure out how to get her out of the hands of trouble and free her from their fathers grasp as well so that she did not have to come home.  It was a plan to make sure that no one would dare go against the king to allow his daughter to follow her destiny.  In the end I was able to find a way to get her out of there and she was finally free to follow her heart!  I remember how beautiful her eyes were and mesmerized by her beauty. However I knew I could only help and keep my thoughts to myself for I knew I could only be a good friend to her.

I finally woke up but still have her picture in my mind and will someday find her in real I think! However it may not be anytime soon that I will be in India!


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