Realizing the Path of to Heaven

In all my travels and exploits, which one day I will write a book about if not here, I have wondered and pondered of the reason for blessings.  Although we sometimes thinks of blessings as good things they can also be bad however we should not lose site of the fact that if you had a bad experience that provides you with a lesson it is good to understand you have a purpose for correcting the task. 

Some are easy to correct while others take years in the delivery.  Yet we are always faced with decisions along the path to nirvana.  My responsibility is to my Faith, family and friends.  And with this I leave you with this thought.  Have you told your self that you have been blessed?  and that you are in the wing of something bigger than you?  If we do just a bit of meditation we would find that our life is simpler and our tasks are fun.  What we hope to accomplish is in the wing of our endeavor to become great.

Live your dreams and ponder on the unknown and to how we can make it simple.  Learn from others so that you can shine in your life as a beacon to others.


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