how to recover windows 2008 R2 fatal error c0000034

Trying to update my Hyper-V Server, the server downloaded and updated the install and asked me to reboot the server.  After a long wait period it did not come back from the initial install.  I had done this to all the hyper v and to another same IBM 3650 M2 server already so it was a quick install and restart to get the updates rolling. 

Since this server was not moving at the update screen which showed Preparing Stage 1 of 2 it was obvious that it had not even started the update process and was frozen.  I had waited over 45 min so I decided to reboot the server.  There was no other recourse to this.  The server came back up with installing the service pack and was going through all the files 1 of 110093 and counting.  I check on the server several times and it was doing 10k of 110k files so it was going rather well.

After another 15 minutes I came back to the server to check, it then showed the following error at the dos window:

Fatal Error C0000034 applying update operation 265 of 110093

We did some digging and found this to have happened on several Win7 and Win2008 server updates on the net.

The below article we found that helped to recover the server at least to get it up

A quick view of two fixes which I did only the second part.



After I brought the server back up I had this error:



Another issue was with the Hyper V and it would not allow me to view the Hyper-V that were there.  No error was showing up in the Event log.  

I downloaded the standalone version of SP1 which is a 924 meg file and updated the box again

Rebooted it to see if this would fix the issues.  After I logged on the server showed it completed successfully.

Server came back up with no critical errors in the event logs either System or Application.

however Hyper V is still not working correctly.


I check on the role feature to see if Hyper V was enabled however it was not.


When trying to enable it you get this error message


Bios shows it is enabled


After several trial and error I decided to pull the plug on this server and move the hyper-V to another server which I did the same install of SP1.  Same hardware until I can redo the OS on this Server and fix the issue of the SP1 error.  Had to limit  my memory and remove the Device NIC to get the Hyper-V backup. 

From the time of the problem to the time I pulled the plug was 8 hrs.  The last hour was the move to a the other Hyper V server and all is up.

Note:  The installation of SP1 worked well the several other servers with no errors on the Hyper-v as they were updated with SP1.  I will work on getting this server firmware upgraded and see if this may fix the issue as long as I don’t turn on the Hyper V on. 


One of the biggest difference on this server vs the other that were updated was when you viewed the updates from Windows

There were over 60 updates showing in the view:

image  image

While on a regular SP1 install showed only one update.  I am not sure why the difference in these two servers since they have the same hardware.



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One Response to how to recover windows 2008 R2 fatal error c0000034

  1. Susan says:

    You will have to reinstall or do a repair install. Once you do the pending hack, it can’t be fixed as we know it today.

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