Papa Smerf

Remember the Purple little men who did all the work and had no issues living under one roof?  Reminded me of the skunk that lived under my house and its young’n.  I sometimes expect that to be the case with Sharepoint!  Where we all live and work well with each other! LOL!  Well it don’t work that way!  I usually have to dig through lots of materials to find out that it does not work properly or has to be done this way to make that work!  Not clear on what the instructions are and its not intuitive unless you work and read the books about how to make it work. 

Some how I feel they got it wrong the third time around but its getting better!  They just missed the quality control piece for training purposes since they keep working on how to make it better.  It kind of clueless sometime that they forget to tell the user how to do it this way!  They just expect them to know or pay for the training to tell you it don’t work that way!

I guess I just have to blow off steam and write what I feel and hopefully Papa Gates will realize that Papa Balmer is not following it through!  Quality control got put in R&D and they should have separated the two to get some kind of flow going that would be worth the experience!

Let me here what you have to say!


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