An India Dream

Not that I travel a lot and where this dream came from I have no idea.  I found myself in India and was walking through a crowd when I came across a young girl who looked at me with huge deep dark eyes and left me with a sense that I knew her.  I walked up and asked her if I did but she just looked down to the ground and told me she was scared and was in need.  I offered to help and found she was a very prominent person who was famous for her beauty and was in hiding because she was one of the Kings daughters and a wicked old man who was employed by the King was trying to keep her for his own but because she was to do what he commanded.  She was afraid that she would not be allowed to do what she wanted and therefore took it upon herself to leave and hide.  This was not a story book story but I remember seeing her picture in a magazine that my sister had because she was in modeling and it was one that was shown time and time again because of the captured beauty that everyone enjoyed looking at including me! 

Being the person I was I decided to help and see what I could do to get her out of her country and into the States where she could grow and follow her career.  After several attempts I finally found a few individuals who would help me figure out how to get her out of the hands of trouble and free her from their fathers grasp as well so that she did not have to come home.  It was a plan to make sure that no one would dare go against the king to allow his daughter to follow her destiny.  In the end I was able to find a way to get her out of there and she was finally free to follow her heart!  I remember how beautiful her eyes were and mesmerized by her beauty. However I knew I could only help and keep my thoughts to myself for I knew I could only be a good friend to her.

I finally woke up but still have her picture in my mind and will someday find her in real I think! However it may not be anytime soon that I will be in India!

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Christmas Opportunities from The Spirit Within and Above

This Holiday season was one where I will not be with my family and was thinking of what I should do with my time.  Lack of funds to travel will put a damp feeling in ones mind when they cannot partake in a memory that one should share with loved ones or at least those that are close to you.  But Alas, this is not happening and so I am wondering where and what to do this holiday season.

Of the many thoughts that crossed my mind was to volunteer my services to a shelter but being so close to the season some shelters have more volunteers than any other season so sometimes you may just get in the way of those season beings who are there constantly year long.  In any case I will still go and volunteer my time and see what happens.  I will report my findings here in the next blog post.  I have a job so I work most of the time during the day but send my money to keep the family going where they are at.  It’s the least I can do to help them out for the year.  In the meantime I feel as if I am in a place where many find themselves alone for the holidays but I am not sad as I know I can do much on my own but would rather do this with a group of people or others that have the same problem I do.  Well, its not a problem because if I really wanted to I know I could thumb a ride down for a journey half way across America to see the family but I would not be able to make it back over a weekend! LOL! So here I am working to solve problems for others and working to keep a job.  Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and would do it all over again.  It’s the circumstances that we get into that causes the problem of working away from home. 

Eventually this will pass so I take this as a time for reflection on my part and try to understand what opportunity the Lord has provided me with while I am here.  Am I being tested for my character?  Or am I suppose to meet others that will guide me to a better understanding of my character and well being?  I have more questions than answers but one thing for sure I know he is providing me with a lesson I have to learn and not think of this as my time alone!  I was born to be his vessel and I am here to do his will.  I always think I am doing good but sometimes I can see this is not the case. 

Will this last a lifetime or will this be a short term experience?  Who knows what Life will bring but I bet it would be a blessing.  I just have to understand what I am suppose to do. 

Not long ago I saw Evan Almighty and though it was a funny movie it did bring out one important fact about family that I want to share with you as well as with others who do not have a family but the concept was something that sparked a feeling that I should write these thoughts of mine before I forget them.  I may from time to time add more and change the passages here to include other stories I find myself being in front of on in. 

If you have not watch the movie then its okay.  I found what I was looking for on YouTube and put the shortcut to the scene where God “Morgan Freeman” talks with the wife about Opportunity and how we should look at life.  Not as a problem or to shy away from an issue but to embrace it and see the opportunity to show what you ask for.

I often pray for God to show me the way and to enlighten my thoughts with something I should be doing and here I am enlarging my territory and providing feedback on the internet for others to read.  Yet I am not sure if anyone will read this but then again you might.

I hope you are looking to improve your life through the little things one does and that is to be open minded about others thoughts as well as understand what you ask for may come as an opportunity that knocks at your door.  How you decide to handle it will definitely be a response to your request.

And God answers your request!! One way or another and it may not be what you think so don’t be fooled into thinking you have a solution just because you make it happen.  Let the doors swing open for you to walk in and see the miracle of life begin to work in your life!

Have a Happy Holiday and Merry Xmas

From the spirit of God that guides me to write this message to you!

Christmas is all about giving so give to someone without recompense and don’t tell anyone !  this is what the Lord will tell you!

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Realizing the Path of to Heaven

In all my travels and exploits, which one day I will write a book about if not here, I have wondered and pondered of the reason for blessings.  Although we sometimes thinks of blessings as good things they can also be bad however we should not lose site of the fact that if you had a bad experience that provides you with a lesson it is good to understand you have a purpose for correcting the task. 

Some are easy to correct while others take years in the delivery.  Yet we are always faced with decisions along the path to nirvana.  My responsibility is to my Faith, family and friends.  And with this I leave you with this thought.  Have you told your self that you have been blessed?  and that you are in the wing of something bigger than you?  If we do just a bit of meditation we would find that our life is simpler and our tasks are fun.  What we hope to accomplish is in the wing of our endeavor to become great.

Live your dreams and ponder on the unknown and to how we can make it simple.  Learn from others so that you can shine in your life as a beacon to others.

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test replacement post

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Difference between Want and Have

There is a big difference between those that “want” and “have”.  those of us that want a job don’t have the opportunity get one!  Those of us the have a job don’t want it!

So the moral of this proverb is Have less and be happy than those who want more and have less!

Well maybe it might be different in your case but I was just thinking about this when I was walking down the road minding my own business and was approached by two angels!  One asked me for bus fair since he was so far away from his home!  (imagine that!) and the other needed bus fare to get home.  Neither one of them looked any different but I gave them both what I had in my pocket and continued to walk and realized that I have less now and fell better and those that want more have what they need just to get home!

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Mother’s Day Gift from her Son!

Not trying to be greedy but sometime I wish I had the luck my mother has!!


Well I was going to go to the casino the other night but decided that I should just give my mom a few hundred and send her instead to have some fun and stay overnight at Lau Berge Du Lac in New Orleans.  Needless to say she had a great time and won 1200 in the penny slots.

She then went to another penny slot and won 82150 and she is still winning today!

What luck!


Another 500.00!!


Another 400


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how to recover windows 2008 R2 fatal error c0000034

Trying to update my Hyper-V Server, the server downloaded and updated the install and asked me to reboot the server.  After a long wait period it did not come back from the initial install.  I had done this to all the hyper v and to another same IBM 3650 M2 server already so it was a quick install and restart to get the updates rolling. 

Since this server was not moving at the update screen which showed Preparing Stage 1 of 2 it was obvious that it had not even started the update process and was frozen.  I had waited over 45 min so I decided to reboot the server.  There was no other recourse to this.  The server came back up with installing the service pack and was going through all the files 1 of 110093 and counting.  I check on the server several times and it was doing 10k of 110k files so it was going rather well.

After another 15 minutes I came back to the server to check, it then showed the following error at the dos window:

Fatal Error C0000034 applying update operation 265 of 110093

We did some digging and found this to have happened on several Win7 and Win2008 server updates on the net.

The below article we found that helped to recover the server at least to get it up

A quick view of two fixes which I did only the second part.



After I brought the server back up I had this error:



Another issue was with the Hyper V and it would not allow me to view the Hyper-V that were there.  No error was showing up in the Event log.  

I downloaded the standalone version of SP1 which is a 924 meg file and updated the box again

Rebooted it to see if this would fix the issues.  After I logged on the server showed it completed successfully.

Server came back up with no critical errors in the event logs either System or Application.

however Hyper V is still not working correctly.


I check on the role feature to see if Hyper V was enabled however it was not.


When trying to enable it you get this error message


Bios shows it is enabled


After several trial and error I decided to pull the plug on this server and move the hyper-V to another server which I did the same install of SP1.  Same hardware until I can redo the OS on this Server and fix the issue of the SP1 error.  Had to limit  my memory and remove the Device NIC to get the Hyper-V backup. 

From the time of the problem to the time I pulled the plug was 8 hrs.  The last hour was the move to a the other Hyper V server and all is up.

Note:  The installation of SP1 worked well the several other servers with no errors on the Hyper-v as they were updated with SP1.  I will work on getting this server firmware upgraded and see if this may fix the issue as long as I don’t turn on the Hyper V on. 


One of the biggest difference on this server vs the other that were updated was when you viewed the updates from Windows

There were over 60 updates showing in the view:

image  image

While on a regular SP1 install showed only one update.  I am not sure why the difference in these two servers since they have the same hardware.


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